Saturday, February 16, 2013

Denis. the headless menance

According to legend, Denis, the Bishop of Paris was persecuted and beheaded. He then picked up his head,walked 6 km and preached a sermon.

So I went to visit his house today.

I confess I am totally rapt in St Denis he is cool !

How could you not love a man that walks around carrying his own head.?. It's macabre, fantastic and totally surreal,but I am a big fan of the headless saint. Oh he's also the patron saint for....headaches....ummm...'s classic Gothic..... So it's fitting that his home is dominated by the crypt.

St Denis'  basilica was the traditional resting place of  French Royalty. Many of the tombs were destroyed during the revolution, but many were fortunately saved.

And what bits they found of Marie Antoinette and her hubby are there too.

It's truly a creepy place and I'm sure it's haunted. 
It was very cold, it felt like a thousand icy fingers were trickling down your back.....

And as for all those Goths in ain't seen Gothic until you've seen St Denis and its headless guardian..

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